[Bell Historians] Hanley Stoke on Trent

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Chris Pickford wrote:

> Hanley .... - really need examples of precedents for the removal 
> of war memorial bells from one site to another.


It may be equally useful to look at the way other war memorials have 
been dealt with when sites have been redeveloped, i.e. not just bells.

Many playing fields have been lost some of which may have been war 
memorials; contact National Playing Fields Association perhaps. Many 
places have a memorial hall or similar building. I suspect that the norm 
will have been that when a memorial building or facility has been 
redeveloped the memorial has been perpetuated in the form of a plaque on 
the new development. This is of course rather different to moving the 
memorial away, (although some buildings may have been replaced by modern 
ones on new sites) but the effect locally is the same and so other kinds 
of loss may provide useful precedents.

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