[Bell Historians] Hanley Stoke on Trent

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I'm not sure that Kidderminster bells are relevant here - I can find nothing to indicate that they were war memorials (and 1935 would be very late indeed for a WWI memorial). Certainly nothing on the inscriptions, and nothing (from a very quick check I'll admit) in the RW dedication report

But the suggestions from Ted Steele and Phil Lucas regarding the relocation of other types of memorial (besides bells) are well worth pursuing - as is the point that although two of the Hanley bells (as I understand it) are memorials, they are part of an instrument which is not (in toto) a memorial


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  "When Kidderminster were augmented from eight to twelve in 1935 some if not all of the three G&J trebles were given as a War Memorial, and some if not all of those were given by the Town.
   These bells were dispersed when the new twelve were put in; two went to Ludlow and the other to (I think) Australia."

  Trebles are indeed now trebles of ten at Ludlow. 3rd is now treble of 8 at Polesworth, Warwickshire.


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