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Sun Sep 20 18:19:15 BST 2009

Just to set the comparison straight, American railroad engine bells 
were almost always cast from brass or bronze, and had little flare at 
the mouth.  Bill's description seems to be a better fit with American 
farm bells, which were cast steel with a very flared mouth (sometimes 
more than three times the diameter at the shoulder).  They also had 
essentially no soundbow.  Sample photo:
Examples of American railroad bells:

Do any of these fit what you saw, Bill?


At 16:08 +0000 2009/09/20, oakcroft13 wrote:
>I went to see Coldplay at Wembley last night, as you do.
>The pecussionist had a bell on stage (presumably for the Viva la 
>Vida chorus 'I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing'). It appeared from 
>a distance to be iron, in an elegant iron frame, with a very flared 
>soundbow - like an American railroad engine bell.
>Anyone else seen it, or have an idea where it might have come from?
>Bill H


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