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Thank you Bill, I realise that the tuning of a single bell is for many  
a secondary consideration,

yet I suspect that it is so closely interacting with the timbre that  
to consider a number of matched bells requires serious consideration  
of the tuning.

This is where Harrison's recently discovered manuscript comes in.


These things (tuning, design and manufacturing methods) need to be  
explored at some time, yet much later; as the immediate task is to  
sort out the business and commercial aspects.

I wish I could be at your lecture in Cambridge, instead I have just  
arrived in Northampton from London, en route to Loughborough.

On 21 Sep 2009, at 10:17, oakcroft13 wrote:

> Charles Lucy,
> > I see no conflict whatsoever between what Simpson said and what  
> Harrison claims.
> I definitely need to send you that email! Unfortunately I am in  
> Cambridge all day, presenting at an acoustics conference. I'll try  
> to write to you tomorrow. There is so much more to the quality of  
> bells, both individually and rung together, that the exact tuning of  
> their 'notes' is some way down the list of priorities.
> Cheers,
> Bill H

Charles Lucy
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