[Bell Historians] TES archives and historic items

Robert Lewis editor at QRRcXUgcUKs1CNDVDARJN4eOy9xHHU78ViJBBrd1OCUfPvfqVw8oGFv-62qV7dzXxt9uNQvS8PGFeEVoBz0aiA.yahoo.invalid
Tue Sep 22 13:30:22 BST 2009

At 12:00 22/09/2009, Rod wrote:

>  Surly fore something to be "a valuable property and assets of a
>company", it must either be capable of generating or helping to generate
>enough cash flow to cover its accommodation, or be capable of being sold
>to raise capital.
>As the cash flow option is not realistic, what is likely, and what would
>become of unsalable items?

If the administrators are attempting to sell the company as a going 
concern, then they are not likely to contemplate disposing of an 
archive that may form a useful part of the business at this stage.

You seem to think that ringers have some divine right of access to 
this private property.

If it eventually comes up for separate sale or disposal then, no 
doubt, interested parties might make a bid to acquire or safeguard it.



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