[Bell Historians] TES archives and historic items

Robert Lewis editor at HoH9gjziT2F7TlZkIU7ekxv1Z1m5Qgwxv3cUE2l_No7hAHeciM2Wtgr4khLRqexx8PseofV8K0LJBzWCGXp8sGGuFTs.yahoo.invalid
Tue Sep 22 14:22:52 BST 2009

At 13:59 22/09/2009, Rod wrote:

>  I am not suggesting there is or ever was any right to free access.

The point is that there is no RIGHT of access at all - free or 
otherwise. It is private property and likely to remain so until the 
owners/controllers decide otherwise.

One might also be making an assumption that the archives are, in 
fact, owned by the trading company. They may be vested in a separate 
holding company ...



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