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Mon Sep 28 13:03:22 BST 2009

> At 12:43 28/09/2009, Rod wrote:
> Then there is the question of which ringers have"rights" regarding the "first on the bells".
> It could take years to put together and the organiser could well find he would not get a rope after all those who "should" ring were included, and still blamed by others who thought they had more "right" to be in it than some with ropes.
> Perhaps the organiser could auction ropes to the highest bidders and thereby raise some useful funds for the Church.
> How much would you be prepared to pay?

"First Peal on the bells" after resoration or new installation can be
a minefield. Obviously those who have been involved in the project
need to be asked, but unless the first peal is organised very quicky
after the dedication (as at Bluntisham) all sorts of problems can
occur. Some toers want the fist peal to be an all local affair which
is fine if they have a good band but if they are stating from scratch
it can take years! This can also exclude non-locals who have also
contributed. Meanwhile the bells are not available to the Association
who often gave a substantial donation to the bellfund, and inhabitants
get used to there being no peals so it is sometimes dificult to
restart them. I know it is entirely up to the local band to decide on
when peals are rung, but it can be frustrating nonetheless. And  as
Robert pointed out peals could be raising money for the bellfund.



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