[Bell Historians] Basildon

Carl Scott Zimmerman csz_stl at pjcu3DllXpWlAMAiQWPeCgZ1sEZSgHLM6RT74g0US8KDHqwrMkQInyYDt43Z6PnJazK6Eapb2wY.yahoo.invalid
Tue Sep 29 05:58:21 BST 2009

At 13:10 +0100 2009/09/28, Bickerton, Roderic wrote:
>The only other "Display" tower I can think of is Bathurst NSW. I wish
>there were more.

Another is Grace Church, Charleston, South Carolina, USA.  The front 
wall of the entire tower is glass.  Although some is frosted (in 
artistic designs), the belfry glass is clear, so the bells can be 
seen.  (So can the ringers.)  It's particularly effective at night 
with the belfry lights on.



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