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I have spliced braded onto 3 strand, in his case Dynema, but the lay of
the braid resulted in a strange stretch charactistic, an inch of low
load pull out followed by a rigid no stretch feel, sadly not nice to
On that basis I abandoned platted rope, in the hope some day I could get
someone to lay up a 3 strand rope with some core strands of Dynema, or
possibly a full Dynema top end.
The splice was very easy and neat. I taper the 3 strand to nothing,
inserted the taper inside the braid, opened 3" of braid and formed 3
strands which I spliced in normally, 1 full tuck tapering away in 4
more. looked very nice, and worked beautify
In principle Dynema has a lot of advantages, less than half the stretch
of Polyester and much less mass which allows a bell on a long draft to
rise at back stroke much more easily with less rope weight dragging it


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We have three of Philip's rope at Worcester Cathedral. The rope on the
tenor is the first I've experienced with no stretch. This makes a big
difference when handling 48 cwt bell. His experiments on splicing
braided rope to three-strand are successful. 


Philip's work is to be encouraged. Standards elsewhere have slipped, and
long seasonally affected waiting lists hardly score well as good
customer service.




Mark Regan

22 Sebright Avenue




01905 354339

07971 573688


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Matthew is not the only one.....

I have quite a number of my own ropes spread across the country, plus
many other repairs which I have also undertaken in the last few years.

Please contact me for details.

Philip Pratt.

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> I have no details, is there anything known?
> We are now making bellropes, and we are working alongside (sharing
> and sourcing materials) another - Malcolm Brown of Chedworth, Glos.
> also makes bell wheels and other timber fittings.
> Matthew
> Matthew Higby & Company Ltd,
> Church Bell Engineers,
> 6 Hill View,
> Timsbury,
> Bath,
> BA2 0EL.
> Tel: 01761 233757
> www.bell-hangers.com

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