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I rang a peal on these bells in August 1994. If people think that Basildon are loud they should have tried these. We rang with ear plugs and a very loud voiced conductor.  We lost the first attempt when a NAG ringer missed the sally, and because the stays had been removed the bell went over.  We put the stays on for the second and successful attempt - Stedman Triples.  We were fortunate that the weather was good as the bells were completely open to the elements - and it had been raining for days beforehand.  The ropes had to be fitted and removed for each ringing occasion. The bells were a bit quieter outside because the church buildings sheltered the houses from the bells. I was rather pleased to ring this peal because I had lost an attempt on them at Lympne, Kent,  in the late 1960s. On that occasion the stays had also been removed and the conductor, C T Hillis, turned his bell over having missed the sally.
At the Mitchell Tower Chicago we were pestered by banging on the door. It turned out to be the police using their hand guns. A 'local' was complaining that the bells had been ringing all day. We knew that there were only two keys to the substantial door. We had one and the other was with the tower captain who was not in the city. We were unaware that there had been a carillon recital that morning. I have never seen such damaged hands as those belonging to the ringers of 9/10. The attempt was successful - Stedman Caters 3 hours 20 min.

Riverside are also completely viewable, but not a display as they 
> >are in an enclosed courtyard.
> _____
> At Riverside, Illinois, USA (originally the EXPO belfry) the bells 
> have not been visible since a few years after installation, when they 
> were enclosed with a "bell house".  I suppose it was for sound 
> reduction purposes.  See for more 
> information and a photo.  The ringers are still visible at ground 
> level, though they don't ring in cold or inclement weather.


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