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To follow up a previous discussion on this group from a few years ago; 
I recently noticed that the monks had moved out of the modern Abbey and back to St Peter’s Grange (on June 29th 2008), the old monastry where they previously resided before the 1972 Abbey was built. There are plans to convert the Abbey building into retirement flats. 
Whilst close by last week I called in out of interest and was surprised to find the ground frame and bells completely gone and the only evidence of thier existance being the concrete foundations. 
I carried on up to St Peter’s Grange but there was no sight of the bells there and no one around to ask. 
A bit of research on the internet shows that whilst the new 1972 Abbey was being built the bells were housed in their frame next to the original monastry (St Peter’s Grange). Therefore they have been in 2 locations at Prinknash as well as at Caldey Island previously. See 
I noted there has been quite a bit of change in the grounds since I last visited. In the same building as the cafe and shop there is now an Arts and Antiques salesroom (which can be no more than 100metres from where the bells were) and their website lists a number of Prinknash artefacts that have been sold off, a replica of the Orpheus Pavement at Woodchester, made by 2 monks is in an upcoming sale in June. 
There is another picture in the internet showing that the bells were present in September 2007. See 
I also found on the internet a planning justification to Stroud District Council dated 2009 for the installation of a meeting room, toilet and bell house, it describes that planning consent wouldn't be granted to relocate the bells infornt of the grange where they were sited prior to the 1972 abbey (see the Francis Frith photo above).
Therefore if this happens the bells will have been in 4 different locations since their casting. 
I sent an email to Prinknash last week enquiring about the bells and had a reply from Father Mark confirming they are currently in store pending relocation to near the current old monastry, though due to financial constraints this is likely to take a few years. 
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