[Bell Historians] Development of change ringing

John Camp camp at 0d5aKmaym4NZGpLtAUmobdTf3pPGi4P0EzzeB4b-zQgBnb0Gzh98g4CJva08IH8PmtKpWpNQfaaS-w.yahoo.invalid
Wed Dec 15 22:02:05 GMT 2010

At 15:53 on 15 December 2010, Roderic Bickerton wrote:

>> Did the idea that bells could theoretically be rung in changes result
>> in the development of the wheel (three-quarter and then full) or was
>> it the development of the wheel which gave rise to the notion of
>> change-ringing?
>> John Camp
> This has been aired in the past, without conclusion.

> Nice Christmas guesswork, with no chance of being spoilt by
> inconvenient historic fact.

Actually, the suggestion that changes came first was suggested to me by
a friend who is a Professor of Church History.  He also knows a bit
about ringing.  This is why I aired the question.  Is he on to

John Camp


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