[Bell Historians] Development of change ringing

Anne Willis zen16073 at LD-WrLKmUSrIp1SZRCcxwsKF-QuwltrbnCob5DqYaPsM_lQzp7EeaSearUfzcSRzf03Mg2f0n6D3.yahoo.invalid
Thu Dec 16 09:52:24 GMT 2010


>It seems entirely plausible to me that those late-16th century ringers,
>wanting to ring something more interesting than rounds and simple call
>changes with their half-wheels, drove the development of the full wheel.
>The question is, what evidence might support this hypothesis? A list of
>changes in a mid-16th century manuscript?

I know of several lists of changes.  The problem is dating them as the
writer may well have used old registers/churchwardens' accounts to write
them in.  After all, what are scraps of old paper for?



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