[Bell Historians] Development of change ringing

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Thu Dec 16 15:31:39 GMT 2010


> what is the history of the simulator, lest we forget?

AFIA the history of the ringing simulator as we know it started with Peter
Cummins in the 1970s.

Many of his machines are in the Bell Museum at Loughborough,but I don't
know how much accompanying documentation there is.

I'm not aware of a history, maybe someone should write one.

There is a basic summary at: http://jaharrison.me.uk/Ringing/Simulators/
but it skims over lots of detail.

Of course if you include ting-tangs, and automatons like the Carter
machine, then you can stretch the history further back.  And if you include
things like Virtual Belfry, you can stretch it very wide.

Maybe the whole Exercise is a simulation, designed by the mice perhaps,
in order to answer the Ultimate Question.


John Harrison
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