Dove and Doncaster heads.

John Dovemaster at
Wed Feb 3 15:34:49 GMT 2010

--- In bellhistorians at, Rod Bickerton wrote:
> The short 6 cannon bells should be differently commented to normal high cannons. ...and the "Doncaster" classification should be dropped in favour ...

With the evidence that we already have, there is very little chance of the 'short' being satisfactorily differentiated from the 'high', not least because the height of the canons cannot be readily determined with the bell still attached to the headstock.

In contrast, the Doncaster pattern IS easily distinguishable (two of them should invariably be visible), AND it is indicative of a different 'configuration' (ie, 4 of them rather than 6) - and thus worthy of separate classification, at least it is in my view. 


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