[Bell Historians] Re: Dove and Doncaster heads.

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Wed Feb 3 15:56:46 GMT 2010

I'm with John on this one - keep "Doncaster" as a specific and readily identifiable type. 

Besides, with the 6 canon types it's not so much about "long" and "short" as Rod suggests, but about the later types having a) no argent and b) a centre hole for a crown staple. The real distinguishing feature is the lack of an argent - but argents are, of course, normally concealed by the stock and so identification becomes tricky for those who aren't sure of the crucial differences between the types.

I'm not sure I agree with Rod about the evolutionary sequence here - whether "short" canons prrceded Denison's invention of the "Doncaster" head or not. It may be covered by Elphick or Jennings (haven't checked) - or maybe DLC can give a definitive answer

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