[Bell Historians] Orsett

Ted Steele ted.steele at XXQwKoWJR1ZKL4obr8Gr8sIUzMaq8YN7caNKcd_h00YvZjMNjNn6BS2hKZ0H_uTPkMnMUOOTk5KCn3qm6g.yahoo.invalid
Sat Feb 6 23:23:44 GMT 2010

Philip Denton wrote giving the history of Orsett bells.

Thanks Philip, I wondered whether you might spot my enquiry. (I see I 
misquoted Dove re the date, which is correctly given as1791 and not as I 
stated). So it was as I thought, the five replaced an old three. The 
website entry is presumably just a simple error but the sources given 
for it are perhaps not the most authoritative, I wonder if it can be 
corrected. I see I was wrong also to attribute the site to the church, 
it is actually the Thurrock local history society which perhaps makes it 
even worse. 
<http://www.thurrock-community.org.uk/historysoc/orsettch.htm>. There is 
an email contact for the secretary, Maggie Smith. I expect that your 
correct history would be of interest to them if you feel like sending 
it. <secretary at PVIvqkxKYWLREr1yh7oh-_9RwMn3lVGWPw6xsgB4d7mC27BtqBKMVVva0k_jqH5NTkcc4pV3pXFG5fV0D0m15psUa-IeexcNAq8.yahoo.invalid>

I enjoyed my visit to Orsett very much, in particular the socialising 
after practice and will look forward to repeating it. Thanks again.



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