[Bell Historians] Spanish bells from Swansea to Chile?

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Stephen Dutfield asks "I'm now wondering about the provenance of the fourth, much smaller, bell that's with them. "

I sent my posting to Canon Keith Evans, whose reply included the following: It has been something of a local legend in Swansea that there were eight bells brought from Chile - probably because people have thought of a traditional peal.  I had been told in the past that the other five were at St. John's Hafod [which Wright has verified], St. James [also verified], Clyne Chapel, Clyne Castle & St. Thomas [or Saint Stephen's].  So it's come as something of a surprise to learn that there are Bells of Santiago at Christchurch, Carmarthen, and St. Thomas, Neath.  Incidentally, we took possession of the bell from St. John's Hafod, some years ago.   

So, the fourth, smaller bell is the one from Hafod mentioned in my last e-mail. 

Turning again to Wright to check Keith's list, Wright lists the following:

Clyne chapel - a 23.5" bell with waist markings and incised rim inscription "SAN VINCENTE FERRER". He says "from the Church of St.Peter, San Sebastian, Spain. Lay for years in Castle yard. This is a private chapel to Clyne Castle

Clyne Castle - three ells, including a 26" clock bell on top of tall circular tower in grounds. Spanish, very thick rimmed. Waist markings, including panels including the inscription "IUAN MANUEL MURILLO 1845"

Swansea, St.Thomas (or St Stephen's) - Wright lists a blank modern bell c.18" at St.Stephen's, Port Tennant, and at St.Thomas's, Port Tennant, there is an 1890 Taylor bell (38" diameter) and a set of Harrington's tubular bells. So no sign of anything Spanish there

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