Making Casts of Inscriptions

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As the owner of a large collection of plaster casts...


A good plasticine squeeze is a prerequisite, I make sure the plasticine is
warm before using by putting in pockets close to the skin


Making the plaster mix should be done by:


Cool water into the relevant vessel, I use a drinking mug

Add the plaster ( casting plaster grade) to the water by sprinkling into the
water, keep adding slowly so that it soaks in, keep adding till there is a
thin dry crust on the top. Stir thoroughly with a spoon. IF you have mixed
properly you should have a pourable but firm mix.

Pour on to the centre of the  plastercine and using a spoon persuade the mix
to flow over the area to be copied.

Leave to set


When separated & dried off (on a radiator) the set plaster SHOULD be hard
enough that you will not be able to mark it with a finger nail.


Master classes available in Willoughby!!


Hope this helps.




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Does anyone have (successful) experience of taking plaster casts of bell
inscriptions.  I have been having a few attempts but wondered if anyone had
hints and tips for success.  I have been using a version of Plasticine and a
Plaster of Paris modeling plaster.  Two problems seem to occur - the first
is me not pressing the Plasticine well enough onto the inscription and that
is easily rectified - push a bit more!  The second is getting air bubbles in
the plaster.  I have tried dibbling around with a small paintbrush as I pour
the plaster but I still get little bubbles on the inscription which spoil
the finished result.




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