[Bell Historians] Bristol Bells c. 1869

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The obvious firm to investigate would be Llewellins & James of Bristol.  It
would be worth looking through the National Bell Register on George Dawson's
web site.

Peter Rivet

  Another of my hobbies is Family History and I have been tracing the life
of John STUART, my gt-gt-grandfather.  He was a man of many talents being at
various times a Glassblower (1861), a Carpenter (1871), an Artist (1881) and
a photographer (1891 & 1901).

  On his marriage certificate, 3rd December 1869, he gives his occupation as
Bell Hanger.  As he was a glassblower 8 years previously and a carpenter 2
years later, he does not seem to stay in any job for long and so I am
writing to ask if anyone knows of any bells hung or re-hung in or close to
Bristol around 1869?

  I would guess that he would have been an unskilled assistant working for a
local firm, so can anyone tell me of any bell foundries or frame makers in
the same area at that time, for whom he might have worked?

  A long shot but worth a try!

  This has also been posted on the Change Ringers message board

  Malcolm Bland
  Kirkby Malham

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