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Tue Feb 23 16:35:27 GMT 2010

Hello Dickon,

Well done.

Best wishes


Dickon Love wrote:

> I know many of you may have come across my website "Love's Guide to 
> the Church Bells of Kent".  I started the site in 1998, although began 
> my research and database a good few years earlier.  The good thing 
> about publishing research on a website rather than write a book is 
> that you can continually add to the information and keep it up to 
> date.  Well it has taken 14 years, but I thought people might be 
> interested to hear that I have reached the milestone of now having a 
> page for every ring of bells in Kent.
> A few stats - the whole site currently contains 4,130 files and almost 
> 90 MB of material.  This currently covers 395 towers, and I have a 
> fair few more singletons to add to this.
> DrL

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