English Decorated Bronze Mortars and their makers

George Dawson george at ZRUJygjmUI_1tF7oOuFXVgQfhKniMjwSX51CiYPsPIOqR56V1dsK18PFKTKt0Wiru_S75bwW7BPPTK68GjD5iA7EscC2ylk.yahoo.invalid
Sat Feb 27 16:17:48 GMT 2010

If you thought bellfounders only cast bells, think again!

Michael Finlay of Thursby, Cumbria  has just published the above book (ISBN
9781872477015). It is fabulously illustrated with well over 300 photographs
of mortars, together with drawings of the marks to be found on them. Many
bellfoundries are represented in this book which clearly will be the
reference book on the subject for a very long time.

As yet I do not have a copy of the 'flyer', but will upload when I know

George Dawson
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