[Bell Historians] Is this bell the original or a recast?

Chris Pickford c.j.pickford.t21 at 5gZPMHlJGQG0N6gHChtvUGL2J43Kr5YPBPRG667r9lhtJTxsEAHq6lCsKX02loxy1K7WX40kjwLfr_uVlTIuDdLA1gBuUSbZ.yahoo.invalid
Sun Jan 3 10:17:34 GMT 2010

In a bit of a rush yesterday, so no time to look at the O'Byrne catalogue (1915) which I have now checked. In the list of places where the firm had fitted O'Byrne's Patent Rotary Iron Mountings to existings bells (p.67), it lists "20 cwt bell for Rev. J. McDermott, Adm., Tuam" - which seems to confirm that the Tuam bell was refitted in this way between c.1890 and c.1915

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