Blackbourne / Penshurst

Dickon Love dickon at
Wed Jan 6 13:39:21 GMT 2010

Does anyone know if Thomas Blackbourne of Salisbury has any surviving
records?  He rehung the 6 bells at Penshurst, Kent in a new iron frame
with 2 new bells to make 8 in 1896.  The new bells were cast by Mears
and we have weights for these.  The tenor is said to weigh 17-2-11 but
there are no 'exact' weights quoted for the older bells.  Whitechapel
rehung the bells in 1984 but it doesn't appear that they weighed them.
Therefore I wonder where this quoted weight comes from, and whether
Blackbourne would have weighed the bells and whether their record would
have been passed down.



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