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I can't answer this question, but looking at the name Blackbourne but spelt
differently reminds me of the name Greenleaf or Greenleef ? Were those 2 in
partnership as a bellhanging firm ?

Yes Blackbourn and Greenleaf operated from Salisbury.  IIRC they were
responsible for the frames at Wells and Christ Church Oxford.  They rehung
the bells at Holy Trinity, Bradford on Avon, in 1891 and followed it up with
a peal of Stedman Triples on the morning of May 9th 1891.  Greenleaf rang
the tenor and had to be helped out during the last part of the peal by
Charles Watts 'a lad weighing only 7 stone 3 lbs.'  Neil Skelton told me
that Greenleaf can't have been too exhausted; he rang a peal at Trowbridge
that afternoon. 

There is apparently a lot of correspondence between Taylors and Blackbourn,
Taylors supplying him with crown staple and clapper assemblies and gudgeon
and bearing units. 



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