"Wright Jones apparatus"

John Dovemaster at D_-eq9-eQ6DL6H9-pssHwhzGBJ1HQsY65txUMvJrAQN_XJH3zJV5apOP6pg8g7C9dKjdhB-Y7AuPxIi8GL6L_Q.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jan 12 18:07:34 GMT 2010

I received an enquiry today from a historian parishioner dealing with the 6 steel bells at Belmont, Lancs.

Inter alia, he said ...

> these are fixed and according to the detailed financial statement which we still have, are rung using "Wright Jones apparatus patent 15".

- a form of chiming apparatus which I have never heard of previously (nor has GAD).  The first 100 results of a Google search on "Wright Jones apparatus bell" has produced nothing of relevance.

If anyone knows of any documented reference to what this is (I infer a sort of Ellacombe variant), I would be pleased to learn more. It dates from 1860 according to the enquiry and so it is possibly contemporary with Ellacombe's design. 



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