RE: [Bell Historians] medieval bell pit

Dickon Love dickon at
Tue Jan 19 14:04:28 GMT 2010

>  I have not come across any references to bell moulds being placed above
>  ground during the casting process.   This is quite simply because doing so
>  would have required some sort of ladle and lifting tackle to transfer the
>  metal from the furnace into the bell mould.   Much easier to tap the
>  furnace and allow the metal to run along a channel into the head of a mould
>  that has been buried 
also much less risk of a mould exploding when
>  surrounded by compacted earth.

It is hard to make out the picture, but I don't think the suggestion is that the bell is in a mould above ground.  They call it a bell pit which implies that the mould was below ground.

Does seem odd to me that they would have a highly flammable process going on inside a church.  I am interested in Hazel's Pluckley reference though.



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