[Bell Historians] medieval bell pit

Andrew Aspland aaspland at LIQWbklDvf2JC4ADfJoyXPwMHuSx2-WCTGgPOfos0dYxMvlFAL_ZempjUa1_t_oPXyRSmglw28zSQMNxOu8.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jan 19 14:35:14 GMT 2010

"Does seem odd to me that they would have a highly flammable process going
on inside a church. I am interested in Hazel's Pluckley reference though."

I think there was a bell casting pit at the base of the tower in Bolsover
Church - I seem to remember having to walk over the dig on planks to get to
the tower stairs.  Here at Ripon a new hearth had to be purchased in Thorpe
Prebend House for the casting of a bell.  Indoors must have been better -



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