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This is really for Andrew in reply to his welcome email.

I would be pleased if you would be in direct touch; not least because this Diocese of Canterbury is 'linked' to Madagascar, and the parish to which I have moved is linked with one in Antananarivo.

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  Members of the list may remember I forwarded some photos of a full circle bell in Madagascar last year. I've just received a follow-up email from the USPG missionary who provided the photos, below.


  From: Sam Beeton 
  Subject: Malagasy bells

  I have been doing some research on College archives and found the followng record of the bell being installed:

  St Paul's Day 1913 new bell dedicated by Archdeacon MacMahon.

  Fundraising begun by Radley in 1904 as a memorial to Mrs Gregory, wife of College founder F.A.Gregory and completed by Rev Yonge, 

  total cost of bell £57.13. Bell and fittings made by Taylors of Loughborough. 

  Mr J. Sully bellhanger of Stoqurber, Somerset was agent and supplied drawings for bell hanging free of charge. 

  The bell is 4 cwt, with iron headstock weighing 1cwt. The inscription on the bell is "Lozako raha tsy mitory ny filazantsara aho", a translation of the text on the big bell in St Paul's London, as the College founder was the son of the Dean of St Paul's. Bell hoisted on Jan 17th in College tower using two blocks borrowed from the Cathedral to hoist with 19 pieces of native rope spliced together to lift bell.

  I have just spotted your request about two old bells from Canterbury from many months ago.  I will try to find out about those, but in the meantime, here is a picture of the bell fittings at Amboatany. Amboatany is over the hill above the college.  It is about half an hour's walk and was actually founded before the college.

  Do you know if there a picture somewhere of the bell at St Paul's with the inscription "Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel"; i.e. the inspiration for the College bell?  

  May God bless you,


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