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Interesting that the Somerset bellhanger John Sully of Stogumber was involved in this bell for Malagasy.

Browsing the Bell News, I found this reference to Sully's involvement in a bell for a Port Hedland in Western Australia at about the same time:

An appeal for N.W. Australia. / The Rev. Joseph Stubbs, the Vicarage, Huish Episcopi, Somerset, in making an appeal for funds to obtain a Church Bell, says:- "My son, the Rev. Gerald Salkeld Stubbs, is incumbent of the Parish of Port Hedland in the Diocese of North-West Australia. He informs me that the only instrument by which worshippers can be summoned to the Church, and the commencement of the Services announced, is a portion of an old iron hoop, formerly the rim of a cart wheel, which is hit by a piece of iron rod. It has been suggested to me to make an appeal to the Bell-ringers of the Diocese of Bath and Wells, and to any others who might be disposed to give, for the wherewithal to send out to Port Hedland a suitable small bell. Mr. John Sully of Stogumber, estimates the cost of a good bell with fittings, of the weight of 42lbs., at £12. To pay the cost of a little inscription and the transit, with a possible tariff, perhaps £20 will be required. Will you kindly contribute? / A new Church is needed in a distant part of the huge Parish of Port Hedland, and should more than £20 be contributed the overplus will be devoted to the Building Fund of that new Church." (Bell News Volume 32, issue 1632, 12 July 1913, page 226)

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