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Chris Pickford c.j.pickford.t21 at
Thu Jan 28 22:16:09 GMT 2010

Can anyone help with a translation of this Latin inscription (from the bell at Broadheath, Worcs, which I revisited today)

+  DUM  (King)  SONET  (Queen)  HOC  (King)  SIGNVM   (Queen) HOSTEM  (King)  FVGAT  (Queen)  ANNA  (King)  MALIGNVM

and its variant at Ipsley

+ DVM (King) TONAT (Queen) HOC (King) SIGNVM (Queen) PRECE (King) PELLE  (Queen) ROBERTE (King) MALIGNVM

I could do with help with a few others too - please volunteer offline if you're able to assist

With thanks in anticipation

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