Rings in floors

Andrew Aspland aaspland at 3mrjRA4iKb-Xta8GO0ow6LSWXoZjhtpChqxlLJiNYJ9u9QDNEVirhf0RcPQwZYLSEAhqLvZxyPxY2bouK-w.yahoo.invalid
Fri Jan 29 17:22:49 GMT 2010

At Ripon Cathedral there is a modern bell on the central tower.  It replaces
an earlier bell and at the base of the pillar there is an iron ring which
was associated with the rope for the former bell - infact there is also
evidence of a previous iron ring.  There is a similar ring at the base of
the south-west tower where there have been bells for several centuries.
Also in the present ringing chamber floor there are a number of wooden
"patches" and in an old photograph reveals they were the sites of yet more
iron rings.

These are clearly to do with bells and the ringing of bells.  Has anybody
any clue as to their manner of use?

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