[Bell Historians] scrap bell metal......

Dickon Love dickon at HZMptazklwvYS4i3muOYXiLoiQUti40YcJlDG9rI7v3nm-tgewsEZembraT5x_NJoJt0hjhhwgUCBV-V.yahoo.invalid
Fri Jan 29 00:22:25 GMT 2010

Has someone hacked into your email account? DrL

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Subject: [Bell Historians] scrap bell metal......
From: matthewhigby at pVrQp2iPHe_32kjJa2GMc3EH_2jUq1jVqCTog81cPEfmBKWJmx4f3x7bkIETkQDPn-PmWow1AQunmr_mVVk.yahoo.invalid
Date: 29/01/2010 10:54 pm

I am looking for some scrap bell metal for a casting next week - about 2cwt would be ideal. If anyone knows of any which is available, please contact me off list. I'm expecting to pay the going rate.



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