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With the permission of the Moderator  I append a list of ringing books that
a good friend of mine wishes to  dispose of. Any reasonable offer will be









"A Directory of Church Bellringers" 3rd edition September 1931

Published by the Bristol United Ringing Guilds.


"Stedman" by J. Armiger Trollope. 1938 and signed by Margaret E. Snowden. 1

       ditto  -  but not signed   -  1 copy.


"Stedman" by C. D. P. Davies  1903.


Standard Methods  -  Letterpress  -  1933


Grandsire by J. Armiger Trollope  -  1948 and signed by Margaret E. Snowden


Grandsire  - Snowden  - 1905.


Standard methods  "Diagrams"  - 1 copy 1915;  2 copies 1935  and 1 copy1944.



"Ringers Handbook" by E. S. and M. Powell  -  hardback in good condition.

            ditto                 second edition    -   hardback in good

            ditto                 third edition 'enlarged'  softback in good



A book "Anglican Church Architecture" 2nd edition 1843. Signed by Wm . Smith
and owned by Ernest Morris.


"Snowden's Change-ringing"  several of the Snowden books bound together and
signed John Shepherd, June 26th 1897.  Quarter bound and in fair condition -
spine poor. It is about 1.5" thick.


"A book about bells"  by Rev. Geo. S. Tyack 1898.


"Church bells of England" by H. B. Walters 1912.


"The Cathedrals of England" by Harry Batsford and Charles Fry  -  4th
edition 1938.



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