[Bell Historians] Exeter cathedral

Richard Smith richard at 4t6rlV8oIxHgMAOHf4c_6j43uRI7vhXrVhps-pgsLPKQzERPIJq9an8oLn2jluGQKwc_q5OrVHi9tNuw1Q.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jul 27 13:49:53 BST 2010

David Willis wrote:

> Forgive me if I am telling you how to suck eggs, but 
> whilst you are waiting for that publication to appear you 
> might go on the Guild of Devonshire Ringers site then 
> click Exeter Cathedral, Further Ringing Details, then The 
> Rings of Twelve .

You know, I think you may have cracked it.  Absolutely 
everything I can still read or recall from my notes is 
listed on Michael's website, or is in Risdon's 'Survey of 
Devon', or is in the published transcript of the Edwardian 
inventories for Exeter.

Perhaps there isn't another 19th century source that I'm 
missing.  I apologise unreservedly if I have confused 
Michael Wilby with a Victorian cleric.

Thanks to everyone who has helped on and off list.



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