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Forgive me if I am telling you how to suck eggs, but whilst you are waiting 
for that publication to appear you might go on the Guild of Devonshire Ringers 
site then click Exeter Cathedral, Further Ringing Details, then The Rings of
Twelve . 

It's quite detailed and may keep you going for a while.


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I tend to use this site for online bell 
books - http://www.archive. org/search. php?query= subject%3A% 22Bells%22% 20AND%20mediatyp e%3Atexts&page=2 - 
but the obvious titles for Exeter aren't included.
However, the appendices to Ellacombe's 
"Gloucestershire" http://www.archive. org/details/ churchbellsofglo 00ella - 
may contain the material you found [Perhaps not. I have a list of the contents 
of the extras to "Gloucestershire" and "Somerset" - and a search on "Exeter" 
drew a blank]
After that, the most likely titles 
Ellacombe's The Church Bells of 
Devon (1870s)  - details of Exeter Cathedral bells [a single page 
I can scan if required]
The Ringer’s Guide to the Church Bells of Devon by Charles Pearson (1888) 
John Scott's pamphlet on the bells of 
Exeter Cathedral (various printings since the 1960s)
Chris Pickford

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Much to my irritation I've just tipped a cup of coffee all 
over my 
  desk and rendered illegible the first page of some 
notes I'd made on the 
  history of the bells of Exeter 
cathedral. I can't now read where I got the 
from, and I'm hoping someone can help me work this 

It was definitely a book or pamphlet that had been scanned 
  made available on-line (probably through archive.org or 
Google Books); I 
  think it was from the 19th century. I had 
used the book to draw up a table 
  showing each recast and 
augmentation of the bells since the 16th or 17th 
and it was particularly informative about the fact that they 
had a flat sixth long before the natural sixth suggesting a 
ring in 
  the Mixolydian mode.

I've tried searching the obvious on-line archives 
likely-looking titles, but have drawn a blank. Can anyone 
  what this book might have been?







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