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> Anyone have any further information about Hanley please?  I 
> understand that there is to be no appeal at this stage against the 
> Conservation Officer's refusal to sanction the removal of the bells. 
> Will they simply be stabilised and "entombed" in the tower or are 
> there alternative plans, perhaps, to utilise them as a clock chime?
> There is a meeting of the CC Committee for Redundant Bells tomorrow 
> and any further information (on or off list) would be welcome.

Not information as such, but how firm would the plans for "The freinds of St Johns" be to rehang the bells for ringing? I'd expect a cost of somewhere between 70 and 100k as the bells need significant work to bring back to pristine condition.

Its not just a case of a bit of shrouding has come off and wants screwing back on, the bells have been left to rot and they have been exposed to the elements. There could also be structural problems to deal with, floor timbers to replace, repointing, etc.

 Does anyone know if "The Friends of St Johns" have had a qoute to refurbish the ring? It could be that they are thinking that only a couple of thousand pounds is needed to rehang the bells and that quite clearly isn't the case-there are a few pictures on the web of the bells and they need some serious work.

  I understand that the owners of the building wish to use the place as an eating establishment, and if the bells remain in place, there could be very limited access to ring there-nearly all the restraunts I know of are open 7 days a week and serving food till around 10pm-so when do you ring?

 If the bells are left in situ and rehung and the building does become an eating establishment, then there is a danger that access will be like that at The Parish in York: limited access a handfull of times per year to mainly local persons.



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