[Bell Historians] Re: Hanley

Robert Lewis editor at w4yhPmOv8cKBg6f8eq4nOZ0t591beIQcLgSRtUwg-bS2M3tAQ65v8xATIKaM3Y7COrIhNIZJelI5u9ht7hmndA.yahoo.invalid
Fri Jul 30 11:32:28 BST 2010

At 17:43 28/07/2010, I wrote:
>I have just heard that Stoke City Councillors have today refused the
>application for removal of the bells by 5 votes to 4. It seems that
>they were persuaded by the Friends of St John's that an alternative
>scheme to re-hang the bells in situ was possible.

I understand from someone who attended the meeting that the Friends 
of St. John quote was supplied by Taylors. But it was not made 
available to other parties beforehand.

Maybe there are grounds for appeal.




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