Love's Guide to the Church Bells of Prague

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Members of this list might be interested to browse my latest website -
Church Bells of Prague.  I was taken to Prague as a birthday present earlier
in the year, and was inspired by the place.  While out there I bought a copy
of a book called "Pražské Zvony" ("Prague's Bells") written by Ludmila
Kybalová, Radek Lunga and Petr Vácha.  Whilst it is written in Czech, I know
enough Polish to be able to read it (the two languages are quite similar).
I have now translated it and put the outline details of each church on this
website.  If you want to see pictures of the bells, or read the full history
of bells in Prague, or note the fine inscriptions and decorations, you will
have to buy the book!  The book is dated 2005, and I have made no attempt to
keep the website up to date (this would be an impossible task from London),
but nonetheless if I do learn about revisions, I will put them up.
The sad thing about bells in Prague is that so many were lost and there are
very few left.  With all the fine churches in the centre, I was expecting a
sonorous Sunday morning there - alas, the place was quite quiet.  The Czech
Republic is also not a particular Catholic country, compared with its
neighbours in Poland and Slovakia, as the Germans did quite a good job of
detaching nationhood from religion.
More details can be found at
Comments about this, or any of my websites in the Lovesguide Series, are
always welcome.
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