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Dear All,

Further to postings regarding the 3-octave Gillett & Johnston carillon in Jerusalem, I attach herewith a .pdf scan of p.C-43 from the 1935 G&J advance brochure entitled: 'Ringing Peals + Carillons + Chimes + Tower Clocks'. This lavishly-produced book from the Croydon foundry is a treasure-trove of information on bells of the period.

A former carillon student of mine played the Jerusalem instrument a couple of years ago and was most impressed with the bells. In past years it has apparently been played only very sporadically, chiefly by visitors to the Holy Land.

As to the dedication of the instrument in 1933, the Easter dedication recital was apparently 'shared' between Nora Johnston and Victor van Gheyseghem from Mechelen. Anecdotal intelligence from the time indicates that Miss Johnston suffered a major bout of performance nerves during her first piece & that Col. van Gheyseghem 'replaced' her on the bench and finished the rest of the concert.

While we are on the subject, I respectfully call your attention to an error in Jill Johnston's recent book, 'England's Child': in the photo section lying between pp.130-131, the caption relating to the dedication of the YMCA Jerusalem instrument is mistakenly attached to the famous photo of the dedication of the National War Memorial Carillon in Wellington, New Zealand (Anzac Day, 25 April 1932.) I hope there were as many listeners on hand in Jerusalem as there were in Wellington.

Timothy Hurd QSM CLJ OMLJ
National Carillonist of New Zealand
Director, National Carillon - Canberra, Australia

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