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Hello Timothy,

Thank you for all the info about Jerusalem YMCA bells.  

If only I'd known that they were there, I would have attempted to get in 
and have a look.  I'm no carilloneur but that would not have stopped me 
playing something (with permission of course).   My wife, a pianist, 
would also have had a play, I'm sure.   I guess that is a good reason to 
go back some time!

Best wishes


Timothy Hurd wrote:

> [Attachment(s) <#TopText> from Timothy Hurd included below]
> Dear All,
> Further to postings regarding the 3-octave Gillett & Johnston carillon 
> in Jerusalem, I attach herewith a .pdf scan of p.C-43 from the 1935 
> G&J advance brochure entitled: 'Ringing Peals + Carillons + Chimes + 
> Tower Clocks'. This lavishly-produced book from the Croydon foundry is 
> a treasure-trove of information on bells of the period.
> A former carillon student of mine played the Jerusalem instrument a 
> couple of years ago and was most impressed with the bells. In past 
> years it has apparently been played only very sporadically, chiefly by 
> visitors to the Holy Land.
> As to the dedication of the instrument in 1933, the Easter dedication 
> recital was apparently 'shared' between Nora Johnston and Victor van 
> Gheyseghem from Mechelen. Anecdotal intelligence from the time 
> indicates that Miss Johnston suffered a major bout of performance 
> nerves during her first piece & that Col. van Gheyseghem 'replaced' 
> her on the bench and finished the rest of the concert.
> While we are on the subject, I respectfully call your attention to an 
> error in Jill Johnston's recent book, 'England's Child': in the photo 
> section lying between pp.130-131, the caption relating to the 
> dedication of the YMCA Jerusalem instrument is mistakenly attached to 
> the famous photo of the dedication of the National War Memorial 
> Carillon in Wellington, New Zealand (Anzac Day, 25 April 1932.) I hope 
> there were as many listeners on hand in Jerusalem as there were in 
> Wellington.
> Regards,
> Timothy Hurd QSM CLJ OMLJ
> National Carillonist of New Zealand
> Director, National Carillon - Canberra, Australia

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