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And you might appreciate a floor between you and the bells!

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I asked whilst at Taylors on Sunday and they are being rehung as they are so in theory the larger 2 are for ringing. However Andrew Aspland tells me that when he looked at them a while ago, it was not possible to ring the larger bells as the pulleys were not located under the bells but were some way off to one side so it may be difficult to get a proper handstroke. It will depend therefore on whether the pulleys are being repositioned.

Also I gather the frame is just horizontal beams.


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> Taylors website says:-
> "The existing fittings to be refurbished, ball bearings fitted and cast in crownstaples removed. The bells rehung in the existing frame"
> As other entries do state if chiming status is involved it does suggest that they will remain ringable, perhaps!
> Mike

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