[Bell Historians] Re: This weeks Ringing World

Nick Bowden nickwbowden at iBI90niUrJH67j1hQLL1O1f9HjtZBSlLSC6wfT2sP4zm8PLkunSYlXoL9sbtxcHJW3RE_lWy9MJsOUISiNI9Jw5q.yahoo.invalid
Mon Jun 14 21:43:16 BST 2010

From: David Bryant
> If we are thinking about 'interesting' fives becoming even worse sixes,
> what about Staple Fitzpaine?
I don't think I can recall a worse-sounding ring of bells than those - they
really are dreadful! Treble is not too bad a bell, 2nd is terrible and they
get worse round the circle. Pity as it's one of the finest of the smaller
Somerset towers.

Judge for yourselves



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