[Bell Historians] Ball races

Barry Pickup jbpickup at q2hSNd7gDZNCN_h1epoLVtBZrRSEpdEvSJl_eyxxEmjqWCZ-tvk-RQPrtru4BxEPFPtmEBh-KVY6ReNN.yahoo.invalid
Mon Jun 21 13:07:05 BST 2010

--- On Mon, 21/6/10, David Bryant <davidbryant at svSw1X2Q3iH6mRR66LuLEE2k8ul9zu_TqyhTo0r4dIydhaRtmxwQr6_AXY3Gd0-7vpgEVi6eatMVtxscybbhtD4.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
> Are they currently on plain bearings? If so you will
> probably be looking at new gudgeons as well, which in turn
> is likely to require the headstocks to be taken away to a
> bellhanger's workshop - which will add significantly to the
> cost.
> David    
 They are still on plain bearings of Taylors, vintage 1909. The gudgeons will definitely need replacing as some of them are distinctly oval!




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