[Bell Historians] Open handstrokes

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Tue Jun 22 08:34:27 BST 2010

I thought that Stedman described it in Tintinnalogia in 1668?


On 21/06/2010 16:35, John Harrison wrote:
> Does anyone know when ringing with an open hand stroke lead first developed
> and why?
> It is clearly described in the Clavis Campanalogia of 1788, but I can't
> find any mention in Campanologia Improved of 1733.
> I thought the answer might be in the History of Change Ringing, but there
> is no mention of it in the indexes, so I suspect not.
> My guess is that the mechanics biased things in that direction, and that
> some sort of innate musical sense helped to formalise it into the
> convention we have now of using a single beat, rather
> than trying to suppress it.
> I am sure there are people on this list who can give better answers to both
> questions.
> Regards


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