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Tue Jun 22 16:50:00 BST 2010

Hello Dickon,

Thanks for your help.   His name is not listed in the Index to Bell News 
either.   I'll keep trying.

Best wishes


Dickon Love wrote:

> > Does anyone have an idea who Ernest Bryan Gipps is or where he rang?
> He doesn't appear in the ASCY list of members.
> In looking through the ASCY lists, there was no-one called Ernest 
> amongst the members who joined between 1800 and 1874 (some 1,043 
> members), however for the remainder of the century (some 1,520 
> members) there were 21 Ernests. It would therefore appear that the 
> name Ernest was not very common at the time you reckon the book to 
> date from.
> DrL

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