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David Bryant davidbryant at
Thu Jun 24 17:30:20 BST 2010

Having been running this list for a number of years (I set it up in 2002) I think it is now time to pass the running of it on to somebody else.

I have been involved in a long-running and very acrimonious dispute with ringers and clergy in York. As a result of this, I no longer have the energy or the confidence to go around getting permission to inspect bells, or indeed to do any ringing in this area. I no longer feel able to trust the CofE, and try to avoid all contact with it so far as is possible.

I would like to publicly thank those who have been so encouraging and willing to share their expertise over the years I have been involved in bell history - in particular Chris Pickford, Dave Cawley and George Dawson.

If anyone would be interested in taking over the management of the list can they please email me off-list.


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