[Bell Historians] This list

John Cater John at 1ivpxP-yDUtqe0WUpVmwnRoxHdaRF5rwpr6aK30NVkDUTDh2TkcWTMwQC6lIMP9JidmGYiDIHJlz-_E.yahoo.invalid
Thu Jun 24 18:14:30 BST 2010

> If anyone would be interested in taking over the management of the list
can they please email me off-list.
I'd be happy to do it.

Although just a lurker on this list, I do know about Yahoo groups, being
owner of 15 and moderator of 3 more.  I'd make sure only genuine
ringers/historians were members, and try to make sure there is some
adherence to "netiquette" (sadly lacking on the Nabbers list! - but I'm not
the owner of that).



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