[Bell Historians] Fire

Sue Marsden erincaters at beNsMSR8qZQIXqhr9PRulGg6RmPY1asmodG0zVLcfa6Afkfk5cdWOisdYhkMa6dCgMm8kCmKl8JwtUuIr4N8zA.yahoo.invalid
Tue Mar 16 09:56:38 GMT 2010

On 15 March 2010 19:55, Ted Steele <ted.steele at 9tebQUVEpVvbJN9X1z4lrnPBtV-6jXrvEt_JKONfgKhxZ71i1QKGmNmGzTJRhFHFG9JaRmE2e5g7qmjUOg.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
> I see there has been another church burnt out, thought to be arson.
> Westry, by March in the fens. 19th century church.  I think just one
> bell, that is if it is the St. Mary listed under March in NBR. No
> details known. The building is now unsafe so likely to be demolished.
> Could be a bell on  the market.
> Ted

Just up the road from me - I drive past it frequently. It is a small
community on the outskirts of March on the main road to Wisbech, but I
think it was quite an active church and I think the bell is used.
Hopefully the church will be rebuilt and the bell re-used.



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