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The Churchwarden of most recent project that I have had dealings with  deliberately chose Whitechapel because they felt that by paying them for a professional service  it showed a serious enquiry on their part, of what is just an initial investigation as to the feasibility of funding a restoration and not just using the free service and good nature of the other firms... even though he was supplied with all the names and contact details
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  I agree with you when it comes to bearly covering fuel and time. But 
  does that make it sensible? It is possible trustees may simply rule 
  them out of the process. They may expect Whitechapel bells to be 
  included in others quotes after all.

  As someone who has worked in sales, I think customers take this approach 
  as a sign of a company that does not expect to get many jobs.


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  > Helloo!
  > This sounds about right. £80 would barely cover their fuel and time. I 
  > think we should all do this - most projects now require 3 quotes (so 
  > say 66% of reports and estimates would be a waste of our time), it might 
  > help cover some of the costs involved!
  > best wishes,
  > Matthew (Currently doing this for free).
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  > Is it usual policy for Whitechapel to charge a fee (of £80 for us) to
  > visit a tower when asked to quote for a new ring of bells?
  > I have not come across this before (not that I have done or been
  > involved with many projects). Other companies are not making any charge.
  > The £80 would be offset should they be awarded the job.
  > What is the experience of others on the list please?
  > Thanks
  > Richard Grimmett

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